The Evolution of Company Sponsored Benefit Plans

Employee benefits have evolved over the past three centuries, from originally being a reactive response to moral injustices, to filling the cracks in social systems, to becoming an institutional part of regulatory and political framework. The current digital age has ushered a competitive approach to Corporate Employee benefits including the adoption of a productivity based model. This can extend from providing simple conveniences such as lunch, drycleaning or transportation all the way childcare and flexible work hours. To remain relevant in this competitive landscape means being able to attract and retain talent, and to remain productive, Companies want to remove distractions and stress and provide peace of mind to allow their Employees to work smarter.

The Benefit of Salary on Demand for Companies

While Salary on Demand is the current concept, the adoption have directly immediately benefited Companies in their traditional core metrics of HR organizational performance including:

  1. Talent Acquisition
  2. Employee Retention
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Benefit Participation Rate
  5. Employee Attendance

For Companies, the circopay benefit is a sustainable long-term benefit that compliments their existing benefit suite to attain their corporate objectives.

How it works

  1. Employees complete ensuing days of service with their employers.
  2. Employees can simply and discreetly request their salary through a simple message to circopay, via popular chat apps (Telegram) or through our web app.
  3. circopay verifies the salary with the Company.
  4. Upon verification, the salary is disbursed to the Employees bank account within 24 hours, net of a simple low one-time fee.
  5. On payday you will receive your normal payroll, less the amount withdrawn.

Why it works

The circopay benefit is a transaction and financing service, which Company can administer through a web based platform. It works independently without requiring integration or disruption to your Company’s existing software or processes. Transactions are entirely managed by circpopay, allowing Companies to act as administrators on the circopay platform accordance with existing salary compensation guidelines. Employees can access circopay through popular chat apps (Telegram) or through our web app to initiate and complete their salary withdrawals.

  • No change required to the Company’s working capital, Company can finance through circopay, self fund, or choose a combination.
  • Works with ALL payroll and time and attendance systems.
  • Available to all your employees, or only those you approve. It’s your choice.

Determining Eligible Employees

The circopay benefit is a complementary offering to Companies’ existing benefit plans, similar to health insurance benefits, holiday leave, incentive plans, can be made available to both full-time and part-time employees. Companies can set similar eligibility requirements for the circopay benefit to maintain a consistent benefit policy.


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