Employees can now be paid on their schedule

By enabling access to earned salary, employees can now be paid the day they finish their work.


Improve Retention

Happy Employees are more likely to stay in their jobs.


Attract More Candidates

Candidates are more attracted to jobs where they are paid daily, enlarging the pool of potential candidates.


Motivate Staff

Staff are more motivated to show up for work, when they are paid at the end of their shift.

What is circopay?

circopay is an employee benefit that gives employee access to their salary on demand. As opposed to advances or loans, Employees can access their salary AS they earn it. Completed 5 days of work? Withdraw 5 days of your salary. Completed 10 days of work? Withdraw 10 days of your salary. It’s simple. Earn your salary and withdraw what you need.

Let’s consider 2 scenarios.

  1. You have used circopay during the month. On payday, you will be paid your salary less the amount you requested to withdraw during the month.
  2. If you do not use circopay in the month, need to access your salary early this month, require access this month then do nothing and you will get paid as usual on your normal payday. The circopay benefit remains available to you in the subsequent months.

Access makes the Difference

Salary on demand is the access that provides employees with security and peace of mind. Just as medical insurance, maternity leave and other health benefits are tools provided to employees to manage their wellbeing, the circopay benefit is access that enables employees to:

  • Take ownership of their financial wellbeing.
  • Manage their finances responsibly.
  • Remove financial anxiety and stress.

Timing is Everything

Whether it’s the holiday season, a school payment, a medical emergency or employees simply want to pay down credit card bills to avoid late fees and interest charges, there are and will be times when employee's bills cannot wait until payday. Salary on demand allows employees to:

  • Plan ahead.
  • Proactively manage their finances.
  • Keep their family healthy and happy.

Providing the Benefit of Financial Wellness

Existing alternatives such as high interest credit cards or loans can become spiralling debt traps for employees. Even well intended options such as employee advances are unstainable in the long term. Apart from these, there are few other options available to employees who have short term financing needs. The circopay benefit provides for:

  • Equal opportunity for all employees.
  • Affordable access to financial products.
  • Is a Sustainable Corporate Benefit.

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